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While you’re here, we’ve put together a quick checklist for you to take note of before you arrive.

  1. Are you aware of your booking number in case you lose your information? Check your email!
  2. Do you have your photo identification ready for when you arrive?
  3. Are you sure of which location you’re playing at?
  4. Do you have appropriate clothing?You’ll be supplied with overalls so shorts/leggings and a t-shirt are a great idea.
  5. Are you wearing closed-toe shoes or boots? Runners, Blundstones etc. will be fine.
  6. Are you prepared to arrive early? You should aim to arrive 20 minutes prior to your booking schedule to avoid delays in start times.
  7. If you’re aged 16 or 17, do you have your parental consent form ready? You can learn more about this by clicking Help in the site menu.
  8. Have you planned this booking as part of a celebration? It’s very important that you have not consumed alcohol or drugs prior to playing since it’s against the law (for both yourself and Revolution Paintball). Help us keep the doors open by acting responsibly before, during and after your visit.

All set?

Awesome, let’s go play some paintball!