Please read the following text carefully.

At Revolution Paintball, participants will receive full instruction and supervision from trained and uniformed referees.

At Revolution Paintball, every player will be issued with a full head helmet that incorporates the latest in goggle technology. These unique goggles have anti-fog lenses and provide full protection of the entire face.

Paintballs can sometimes bruise the skin. Players may come home with harmless bruises; however the introduction of body armour now allows everyone to play in comfort and with full protection. The activity is far safer than football and rugby, for example. We have never had anyone suffer from a broken bone – an occurrence that is sadly too common in many mainstream sports.

When playing paintball games, all people are equal; the game does not depend of physical prowess, strengths or stature. However, it is our practice to separate adolescent and adult groups. Nevertheless, the administration of events remains at the discretion of the center manager and she may, for example, permit one or two adults to participate in the adolescent’s game or indeed allow adolescents to participate in an adult game, if appropriate in the circumstances.

Paintballs are gelatin skinned, and are designed to burst harmlessly on impact. They contain vegetable based “food colorant” which is water-soluble and will readily wash out of clothing. Participants should wear suitable footwear like a light boot with ankle support and grip (such as a “Timberland” boot)  but old trainers are most commonly worn. Protective gloves are recommended and are available for purchase at the site.

People of a timid nature may not enjoy the activity as much as sporty, tree-climbing kids. Please use your discretion in deciding whether or not it would appeal to the particular individual.

The most important safety rule is that all players must keep their goggles on and tightly adjusted at all times when in the game zones. If any player breaches this rule, for any reason whatsoever, they will be excluded from participating in the event – this rule is strictly enforced and exists to protect all players from a potentially serious injury.

When permitted by the law of the state, all players under 18 years of age need a “Age Declaration & Parental Consent Form” filled out by a parent/guardian and handed into our office before the start of play. We recommend you send these forms out at least one week in advance to ensure parents/guardians complete the form correctly and return it in time for any player to participate on game day.

Sounds fair enough?

Remember, it is vital that the required consent form is submitted to us on the day or you may be refused entry.

Download the consent form (.PDF format, 176kb) and complete it right in your web browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.) or in compatible software such as Adobe Acrobat or similar. Once complete you can print, sign and return the form in person. Alternatively, you can print the form as it is and complete it by hand.